Class 6 Science Quiz

CBSE class 6 Science chapter-wise quiz contains MCQ questions from each chapter of class 6 Science.

The class 6 Science quiz questions will help students prepare for the examination better. The questions in the Class 6 Science Quiz are taken to cover each important concept from each chapter.

CBSE class 6 Science Quiz is designed in such a way, that the students get immediate responses to each attempted question. You will get an immediate response to the attempted questions about whether you did it right or wrong. The option for a given question can be marked only once.

You Score will be based on the number of questions attempted correctly. There is one mark for each correct answer and 0 marks for wrong or un-attempted questions. So, there is no negative marking in this quiz. The final score can be checked by the check score button available at the end of each quiz.

Class 6 Science chapter-wise Quiz :

There are different links given for different chapters. Class 6 Science chapter-wise Quiz chapters are listed below. Students can choose chapters for which they want to attempt the quiz. The quiz page is once loaded, complete the quiz and then check the final score from the check score button.

Class 6 science chapters are very important for the students to understand the basics that will help them in their higher classes. Read from class 6 NCERT books, because the language of the book is easy to grasp the content. The class 6 science quiz contains questions from the class 6 NCERT science book. So read the class 6 Science NCERT book thoroughly.

The quiz questions will help you practice the chapters easily and you will be able to score good marks in your exams. The students can re-take the quiz if the score obtained is low on the first attempt. Practice regularly because practice makes a man perfect.

The Chapter-wise links for the class 6 science quiz is given below:

We post notes and other study materials needed by students. If you want any notes, answers to questions,  or solutions to any chapter, ask in the comments.

We have a dedicated telegram channel (StudyMates91) where students can ask any questions/doubts related to their studies. We provide the solution at the earliest.

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