GK Biology Quiz – 1

Play the below GK Biology Quiz 1. These questions are very important for competitive examination. We have provided a quiz from each topic of GK. Check it on our website.

1. Silviculture is the branch of botany in which we study about-
(a) Culture of algae
(b) Development of forest
(c) Culture of fungi
(d) Siliciphida plant

2. Study of pollen grain is called-
(a) Pomology
(b) Polynology
(c) Phocology
(d) Mycology

3. Study of internal structure of plant-
(a) Morphology
(b) Anatomy
(c) Cology
(d) Taxonomy

4. Estimatin of age of woody plant by counting annual ring is-
(a) Dendrology
(b) Denrochronolgy
(c) Agronomy
(d) Demography

5. Study of growing plant without soil in water containing nutrient is-
(a) Hydrotonics
(b) Hydrophonics
(c) Hypotonics
(d) None

6. In Exo-biology we study about-
(a) External structure of living beings
(b) Life present on the earth
(c) Life present in the other layer of earth atmosphere
(d) Life found in space and on other setallite.

7. Xenobiotics which are inherently resistant to microbial attack are called as-
(a) Biodegradable
(b) All of the given optins
(c) Recalcitrant
(d) Persistent

8. Curd is sour due to presence of
(a) Citric Acid
(b) Lactic Acid
(c) Acetic Acid
(d) None of these

9. EBOLA is a –
(a) Virus
(b) Bacteria
(c) Protozoa
(d) Fungi

10. Virus that infect bacteria are called
(a) Bacteriophages
(b) Basophils
(c) Basal body
(d) Basidiospores

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