GK Biology Quiz – 2

Play the below GK Biology Quiz 2. These questions are very important for competitive examination. We have provided a quiz from each topic of GK. Check it on our website.

1. Double helix model of DNA is given by –
(a) Mullar
(b) Meghnath Sha
(c) Stepham Hawking
(d) Watson and Crick

2. Which of the following is a Biological method of soil conservation?
(a) Contour farming
(b) Contour terracing
(c) Gully control
(d) Basin listing

3. First hormone prepared by genetic engineering is-
(a) Oxytocin
(b) Somato tropin
(c) Adrenalin
(d) Insulin

4. A genetically engineered form of bringjal known as the Bt-bringal has been developed. The objective of this is-
(a) To make it pest – resistant
(b) To improve its taste and nutritive qualities
(c) To make it drought resistant
(d) To make its self-life longer

5. The genetically engineered ‘Golden Rice is rich’ in which of the following-
(a) Vitamin A and nicotinc acid
(b) B – Carotene, Vitamin A and folic acid
(c) B – Carotene and iron
(d) Vitamin A and niacin

6. Cyanide poisoning causes death in seconds because
(a) it causes Lysis of red
(b) It deneatures enymes of the heart muscle
(c) It causes cardiac arrest
(d) it breaks the electron

7. 10% law of energy transfer in food chain was given by –
(a) Lindemann
(b) Stanley
(c) Tansley
(d) Weismann

8. Gene is :
(a) Particular DNA segment which determines heredity of a particular trait
(b) Half DNA segment of somatic cells
(c) Whole DNA
(d) Half DNA segment

9. Which one lacks both root and stomata-
(a) Hydrophyts
(b) Mesophytes
(c) Hygrophytes
(d) Halophytes

10. BOD is –
(a) Biological oxygen deficit
(b) Biosphere oxygen demand
(c) Biological oxygen demand
(d) None of these

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