GK Biology Quiz – 3

Play the below GK Biology Quiz 3. These questions are very important for competitive examination. We have provided a quiz from each topic of GK. Check it on our website.

1. The word ‘vaccination’ has been derived from a Latin word which relates to:
(a) Pig
(b) Horse
(c) Cow
(d) Dog

2. Who is the father of Genetics?
(a) Darwin
(b) Medel
(c) Bridge
(d) Wiseman

3. Life originate by chemosynthesis was proved in the labouratory by-
(a) Pasteur
(b) Sager
(c) Aristotle
(d) Miller

4. Word gene was given by-
(a) Morgan
(b) Mental
(c) Johansen
(d) Bridge

5. Double given by
(a) Leween hook
(b) Salach
(c) Watson and Crick
(d) Dalton

6. DNA fingerprinting is a technique used for the detectin of-
(a) Alzheimer’s disease
(b) Disputed parentage
(c) AIDS
(d) Yellow fever

7. The most important indoor air pollutant is-
(a) Sulphur Dioxide
(b) Carbon Dioxide
(c) Nitrogen Dioxide
(d) Radon gas

8. Eco-mark is given to an Indian product which is,
(a) Rich in protein
(b) Environment friendly
(c) Conomically viable
(d) Pure and unadulterated

9. The world’s only floating national park is situated in-
(a) Manipur
(b) Kulakumpur
(c) Bilaspur
(d) Dispur

10. Pyramid of energy in a ecosystem is-
(a) Always inverted
(b) Always upright
(c) Spindle shape
(d) Both upright and inverted depending upon ecosystem

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