GK History Quiz – 7

Play the below GK History Quiz – 7. These questions are very important for competitive examination. We have provided a quiz from each topic of GK. Check it on our website.

1. The last of the 24th Jain Tirthankaras was:
(a) Parsvanath
(b) Mahavira
(c) Rishabha
(d) Arishtanemi

2. The first Buddhist Council was held in the reign of:
(a) Bimbisara
(b) Ajatashatru
(c) Ashoka
(d) Kanishka

3. The first discourse of Buddha at Deer Park in Samath is called:
(a) Mahabhiniskraman
(b) Mahaparinirvana
(c) Mahamastabhisheka
(d) Dharmachakrapravartan

4. The famous Indo-Greek king who embraced Buddhism was:
(a) Strato I
(b) Menander
(c) Demetrtou
(d) Alexander

5. Milindapanho explains the disputed points of Buddhism in the form of a dialogue between the Indo-Greek king Menander (Milinda) and the Buddhist priest.
(a) Asvaghosa
(b) Nagasena
(c) Buddhaghosa
(d) Nagarjuna

6. In which of the following languages were the original Buddhist religious texts written?
(a) Brahmi
(b) Sanskrit
(c) Magadhi
(d) Pali

7. Idol worship in India can be traced to the period of :
(a) Pre-Aryan
(b) Vedas
(c) Mauryans
(d) Kushans

8. The original teachings of Mahavira are contained in which of the following texts?
(a) 12 Angas
(b) 14 Puruas
(c) Tripitakas
(d) Jatakas

9. Buddha has been described as ‘an ocean of wisdom and compassion’ in :
(a) Jataka tales
(b) Amarakosa
(c) Buddhacharita
(d) The Light of Asia

10. Buddha died in which Mahajanpada?
(a) Mall
(b) Chedi
(c) Magadh
(d) Avanti

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