What is the difference between percentage and percentile?

Difference between percentage and percentile

The main distinction between percentage and percentile is that the former refers to a numerical number expressed as a percentage out of 100, while the latter refers to the percentage of values that fall below a given value.

Formula for Percentile and Percentage

Formula for Percentile:

\large\bf P = \frac{n}{N} \times 100


  • n = ordinal rank of the given value or value below the number
  • N = number of values in the data set
  • P = percentile


\large\bf Percentile \hspace{3pt} = \hspace{3pt} \frac{Number\hspace{3pt} of\hspace{3pt} Values\hspace{3pt} Below\hspace{3pt} ``x'' }{Total\hspace{3pt} Number\hspace{3pt} of\hspace{3pt} Values} \times 100

Formula for Percentage:

\large\bf Percentage \hspace{3pt} = \hspace{3pt} \frac{value}{total \hspace{3pt} value} \times 100

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